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Client: Beef, Warwick Road, Kenilworth
Skill: Brand Identity, Print & Website


The ideal British interpretation of a proper New York steak house Beef was the brain-child of Michelin chef-patron Andreas Antona, whose first restaurant, Simpsons, was just down the road in Kenilworth. Early this year Beef was bought over by restaurateur and chef, Amir Diba, who has worked under Andreas since Beef opened its doors in 2011. Given his experience, exceptional culinary skills and passion for food the transition has been seamless, in Amir’s words…

“I believe that the very best beef in the world comes from Scotland – there’s nothing to beat naturally reared herds  from the Highlands, with their combinations of intense flavour, rich texture and visual appear, hence the reason why we feature a generous choice of cuts from Scottish herds, in addition to our high-end house specialities – including the incredibly tender Wagyu, the flavoursome USDA, and of course local breeds from select suppliers”.

Amir Diba – Owner, Beef

We were thrilled when approached by Amir to manage the marketing for the newly taken over Beef Restaurant – the journey started with a tour of the premises and interview with Amir Diba to get inside his head and understand his vision for the steak-house restaurant. Our brief was to create a new brand for Beef whilst being sympathetic to the heritage of the old. The new Beef brand is in line with Amir’s vision to provide fresh flavoursome produce served in a clean, simple, natural way. His aim is to extend the opening times so he can now cater for breakfast and take-out New York deli-style food. The deadline was tight and the roll out was phased in order of priority. The new brand has been received with praise by staff and customers alike. Why not make a reservation and taste the new true Beef experience for yourself, we have – with ‘Cow Bells’ on – and loved it… well after all “Tractors and Beef” go hand in hand like “Steak and Chips”.

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