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Client: Horace Panter Art
Skill: Brand Identity, Print, Photography, Website, Exhibition Launches

Horace Panter: Robots, Saints & (Extra)Ordinary People Exhibition

It could be said that Horace’s paintings are autobiographical in that they emerge of experiences, places, paintings and people that he has met on his travels. His influences are eclectic and range from the naive stylised jungles of Henri Rousseau to the pop art paraphernalia of Peter Blake with bits of Mark Rothko, Kenneth Noland, Wayne Thiebaud or Joseph Cornell thrown into the mix. He is not averse to appropriating images from his favourite artists and subverting them to suit his own purpose in his own paintings.

The Magic Tractor were proud as punch to be chosen as Horace’s preferred design and marketing partner. The partnership started many moons ago – initially collaborating to produce the Horace Panter Art brand, which has been implemented across many items of print, merchandise and online over the years. ‘Mr Robot’, Horace’s brand icon, has had a couple of ‘nips and tucks’ in that time to keep him fresh faced and fighting fit – he continues to do a stirling job creating a strong brand presence that oozes personality. We should add as part of our journey together we’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Clare and HPA’s PR agency to organise many London exhibition launches. “Well, it’s all in days work …”

‘Horace Panter Art’ has been riding on The Magic Tractor for over four years now! The ride has always been smooth and reliable and the seeds planted have borne fruit. Seriously, Ania and the team are incredibly creative and we are inspired by their commitment to design and marketing. The way we see it, we’re all part of the same team because we rely on them to showcase our art project to the world at large. We owe them four years worth of thank you’s!

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