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Client: University of Warwick
Skill: Blog Site

Puffed Out Chest Alert..!

Welcome onboard The Magic Tractor, Warwick University – we’re absolutely thrilled to announce our successful tender to partner with The University of Warwick & WMG

So what was required?

WMG is a department of the University of Warwick who commissioned The Magic Tractor to create a blog site with distinct areas for communication and discussion of ‘Business Innovation Group’ (BIG) activity. The main focus of the blog was to offer opinion pieces and debate around the core areas of applied delivery. The site must allow for multiple authors including WMG professors, team members and guest bloggers from other institutions and industry who will also provide posts on their work, experiences and reactions to relevant issues and technological trends/advances

How we did it?

The ‘BIG’ blog site was developed to ensure all of WMG’s objectives were met and surpassed which included:
• Creating a contemporary, sophisticated blog site, which, above all, was easy to navigate and maintain.
• Setting permissions for a number of authors to be able to access the system and create profiles, with admin and editor functionality for some WMG users to be able to approve / moderate posts before publishing.
• Accommodating social media sharing and to allow member discussion.
• Combining the blog with informational areas to provide a disemination of WMG’s ‘BIG’ activities.
• Adhering to WMG brand guidelines and working closely with WMG team to select relevant imagery throughout the site.
Above all, our main focus was to create an online platform that offered opinion pieces and debate around the core areas of applied delivery.

How long it took!

We’ve had our sleeves rolled up working closely with Anna and the team on the ‘BIG’ blog from Aug to Nov (approx. 3 -4 months).

What were the results?

The ‘BIG’ blog site was delivered on time and has been successfully adopted by many authors and contributors, providing an easy to use online platform to communicate on all areas of ‘BIG’ activity.

So what did they think?

“…it has been a real joy to work with you all, you make a great team”
Anna Ritchley, Online Communities Manager WMG – University of Warwick

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