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We offer a complete range of design and marketing services which include

Communication analysis | Brand positioning | Brand name and tagline generation | Brand / Corporate Identity | Stationery | Company Literature | Reports | Promotional Literature | Signage | Advertising | Environmental Design | Exhibition | Retail Graphics | Packaging | Photography | Web Design | E-Marketing | Project Management.

Our clients say...

'Horace Panter Art' has been riding on The Magic Tractor for over four years now! The ride has always been smooth and reliable and the seeds planted have borne fruit. Seriously, Ania and the team are incredibly creative and we are inspired by their commitment to design and marketing. The way we see it, we're all part of the same team because we rely on them to showcase our art project to the world at large. We owe them four years worth of thank you's!

Horace Panter, 2014